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Covering the SF Giants from 2010 to 2017

Welcome to Giants Baseball Corner Which was an independent view of the San Francisco Giants – some reporting, some fanposts, some history, some theorizing about management or strategy – between 2010 and 2017, all out of love for the baseball … Continue reading

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The GBC Reader, Issue 14: Final GBC Reader of the Year

This was a really tough second half to endure – an exhausting grind. I’m really proud of the Giants despite the epic collapse of the second half because they gutted it out. I’m proud they kept their eyes on the … Continue reading

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The Giants Biggest Home Stand of the Year

And so it comes to this. The best first half in the majors and the second-worst second half in the majors sums to the most important home stand of the year with twenty games to play. Seven games: three against … Continue reading

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Who will be our Scutaro, Ross, or Peavy This Year?

The Trade Deadline is 11 days away and it is clear the Giants, like many other teams, need a consistent reliever who can close. But I think we also need another bat even though Panik, Pence and Duffy are coming … Continue reading

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Giants in Queens, no wait … I mean Flushing: Common Misconceptions

The New York Metropolitans play in Flushing Meadows, which is kinda … Queens, a borough of New York. There are 5 boroughs. So our history is related to all this: OK. so. Shea stadium was in Flushing. It neighbored Citi … Continue reading

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Using Timely Hitting the Giants Open the Yard with a 3-1 Series Win Over the Nemesis

In case you haven’t been paying attention to baseball yet because you’re wrapped up in Warriors or Sharks or The Masters coverage, our San Francisco Giants are looking really good at the plate. Yes, that’s right, THE GIANTS ARE HITTING! … Continue reading

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Led by New Acquisitions, Giants Win with Bats, 12-3, and Cueto, 2-1, in Milwaukee

Blissed-out is how to describe us here at Giants Baseball Corner. The Opening Day game in Milwaukee was a perfect display of what our new lineup is capable of in terms of hitting – and came with the surprise of … Continue reading

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